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    Collecting thematic stamps is a great way to have stamps from countries around the world.

    The development of thematic philately since the 1960s has led many countries to issue stamps on subjects such as animals, flora, art or celebrities. Some countries have even issued many more stamps than necessary in order to diversify their offer.

    On our website, we have chosen to classify our stamps into 10 main categories: Flora, transport, sports, animals, history, art, sites and monuments, science and technology, religions and others. Inside these you will find subcategories to refine your choice of stamps or block-sheets.

    For example :

    • The category "history" is divided into 11 subcategories, some of which are specific to a historical figure (Napoleon, De Gaulle, Christopher Columbus) or a historical period (World War II). Others are more generic (Europe, coats of arms, flags, uniform costumes)

    • The "Art" category includes paintings, music, cartoons, cinema, literature as well as more specific fields such as Walt Disney and Hergé.

    • Finally, a "miscellaneous" category will offer you more varied themes such as stamps on stamps, circus, coins and notes, scouts, childhood, horoscope, minerals, masks, firemen and exhibition.

    If you are already advanced in your collection or for a more specific search in certain categories that include many stamps, you can use facet navigation (menu in the left column) to select a specific country or specific year.

    In order to refine your collection, for some themes, you have the possibility to acquire Michel catalogs, for example:

    • Thematic catalog Trains Worldwide (Edition 2014)
    • The Boats Catalog (Edition 2014)
    • Thematic catalog Birds Europe (Issue 2014)
    • Football World Catalog (Edition 2016)


    Good navigation on our site. Do not hesitate to often come back because we add new series every weeks.