• Anguilla

    Anguilla stamps

    Anguilla is a Caribbean island north of San Marino and east of the Virgin Islands. Antigua has been a British colony since 1650. It was part of a federation with St. Kitts and Nevis from which it separated when a status of internal independence was granted. This secession was not accepted until 1980 when the island became a direct British colony.

    The island issued its own stamps in 1967 when the federation of the 3 islands continued issuing common stamps until 1980. As a recognized direct colony, it continued issuing postage stamps after 1980.

  • Antigua

    Antigua stamps

    Antigua is an island of the West Indies, Leeward group, north of Guadeloupe and Montserrat. The islands of Barbuda and Redonda were attached to it.

    As a British colony, it has issued its own stamps since 1862. Leeward stamps issued from 1890 to 1954 were valid at the same time as those of Antigua.

    Since 1981, the country is an independent parliamentary monarchy member of the Commonwealth. Shortly after independence, the stamps bore the full name of Antigua and Barbuda.

  • Antigua and Barbuda

    Antigua and Barbuda stamps

    Antigua and Barbuda are Caribbean islands in the north of Guadeloupe. Since 1981, it has been a Commonwealth Parliamentary Monarchy.

    Nevertheless the first issues of stamps in 1981 bear only the name of Antigua.

  • Netherlands Antilles

    Netherlands Antilles stamps

    The Netherlands Antilles are islands of the West Indies comprising two groups of three islands at a dist0ance of 1000 kms: the "Leeward" islands close to Venezuela and comprising Curaçao, Bonaire and Aruba; the "Windward Islands" near Puerto Rico, including Saba, Statia and the southern part of Saint-Martin (the northern part is French).

    All these islands were designated by the alone name of Curaçao until 1948.

    The Netherlands Antilles is an autonomous region of the Netherlands since 1954.

    In 1986, the island of Aruba obtained a separate status of autonomy and has since issued its own stamps. These are grouped together on behalf of Aruba.

    The dissolution of the Federation of the Netherlands Antilles is effective in 2010.

    As a result Curaçao and Saint-Martin become new autonomous territories within the kingdom and emit since their own stamps. The stamps are grouped in the corresponding names (concerning Curaçao, not to be confused with the stamps before 1948 which represented all the Netherlands Antilles).

    The islands of Bonaire, Statia and Saba have become municipalities of particular character in the Netherlands and are grouped under the name Caribbean Netherlands. The stamps issued from 2010 are under this name.

  • Argentina

    Argentina stamps

    Argentina is a country occupying the center and west of the South American continent, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean over its entire south-east and surrounded by Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile .

    The first stamps were issued in 1858 under the name of the Argentine Confederation and then 3 years later under the name of the Argentine Republic.

  • Aruba

    Aruba stamps

    Aruba is an island in the Caribbean, close to Venezuela. It was part of the Netherlands Antilles and obtained a separate status of autonomy which allows it to issue its own stamps since 1986.

    The first series of stamps in 1986, moreover, has as its theme the autonomy of Aruba and its separation from the Netherlands Antilles.

    Premiers timbres d'Aruba de 2006

    Since then, the country has issued a number of very diverse thematic series, particularly on endangered wildlife.

    Série de timbres thématiques de l'île d'Aruba sur les reptiles

    The first souvenir sheet issued in 1999 refers to the cultural diversity of the island.

  • Bahamas

    Bahamas stamps

  • Barbados

    Barbados stamps

    Barbados is an island in the West Indies east of St. Vincent and north of Tobago. A former British colony, Barbados gained internal autonomy in 1961 and became independent in 1966.

    She has issued her own stamps since that date. Barbados is a member state of the Commonwealth.

  • Barbuda

    Barbuda stamps

  • Belize

    Belize stamps

  • Bermuda

    Bermuda stamps

    Bermuda includes about 360 coral islands in the Atlantic Ocean, including Bermuda. Bermuda has been a British colony since 1848. The colony obtained a status of internal autonomy in 1968 and since then has issued its own stamps.

  • Bolivia

    Bolivie stamps

    Bolivia is a country in South America surrounded mainly by Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. It is an independent republic since 1825.

    Bolivia has issued stamps since 1867.

  • Brazil

    Brazil stamps

    Brazil is a very large country in South America bordered by the Atlantic Ocean over its entire eastern part and notably surrounded by French Guiana, Guyana, Colombia, Bolivia and Paraguay.

    A former Portuguese colony, Brazil was the second country in the world, after Great Britain, to use stamps as early as 1843. The Federal Republic was proclaimed in November 1889.

  • Canada

    Canada stamps

    Canada is a country occupying the north of the American continent and bordered to the south by the United States. The first stamps issued were those of the British colony of Canada in 1851. Canada has been an independent country since 1931 and a member of the Commonwealth.

  • Cayman (Islandes)

    Cayman Islands stamps

    The Cayman Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea south of Cuba, west of Jamaica and northeastern Honduras. It is a group of 3 main islands.

    In 1901 they became a direct colony of Great Britain and were given a new constitution in 1959 and in 1972.

    Before 1901, the stamps of Jamaica were used.

  • Chile

    Chili stamps

    Chile is a South American country occupying the south-west of the continent and surrounded by Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

    Chile is a republic since 1853, when it issues its first stamps.

  • Colombia

    Colombia stamps

  • Costa Rica

    Costa Rica stamps

  • Cuba

    Cuba stamps

    Cuba is an island of the Greater Antilles located south of Florida. Former Spanish colony, Cuba is a republic since 1902.

  • Curacao (Netherlands...

    Curacao stamps

    Between 1873 and 1948, stamps issued under the name of Curacao represented all the Netherlands Antilles, namely the islands of Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Saint-Eustache and Saint Martin (the southern part of the island).

    Timbres de Curaçao de 1943

    From 1949, the stamps issued by these islands were under the name of the Netherlands Antilles until the dissolution of this federation in 2010.

    Since 2010, stamps of Curaçao represent only the corresponding island.

    Timbre de Curaçao de 2010

    You will find here stamps of Curacao from the years 1873 to 1948 and stamps from the year 2010.

  • Dominique

    Dominica stamps

    Dominica is an island in the Caribbean between Guadeloupe and Martinique also called Dominica. Former British colony, Dominique became independent in 1978 and member of the Commonwealth. She has issued her own stamps since that date.

  • Ecuador

    Ecuator stamps

    Ecuador is a country in South America, bordered by the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by Colombia and Peru.

    Formerly Spanish territory, the Republic of Ecuador has issued its own stamps since 1865.

    The Galapagos Islands off the west belong to it. A series of stamps on the Galapagos Islands fauna was issued in 1992.

    Timbres émis par l'Equateur en 1992

    In addition, the Galapagos Islands were the subject of an emission in their name in 1957. This series is classified with the normal emissions of Ecuador (n ° 616 to 618).

    The first souvenir sheet was issued in 1952 on the occasion of President Plaza's visit to the United States.

  • United States

    United States Stamps

    The United States of America is bounded on the north by Canada and on the south by Mexico. This country has been a federal republic since 1847, when it issued its own stamps

  • Falkland

    Falkland Islands stamps

    The Falkland Islands are a group of islands located to the east of the southern tip of Argentina. These British islands are claimed by Argentina (hence also the name Malvinas).

    Among the nearby dependencies, the islands of South Georgia and South Sandwich, further east than the Falkland Islands, are included in this section.

    On the other hand, the dependencies of the Antarctic zone, Southern Shetland, Orkney and Graham Land are gathered in the British Antarctic (see this name).

    The islands were attached to the British crown as early as 1771. This British colony issued its first stamps in 1878. Until 1944, the same stamps were in use in all dependencies.

    The various dependencies then had special stamps, either separately or partially grouped (British Antarctic since 1962).

    The stamps of the dependencies are markedwith

    • « Falkland Islands Dependencies »

    Timbres de collection de Falkland-Géorgie du Sud et Sandwich du Sud de 2008

    • or the name corresponding to the dependency or dependencies such as "South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands".

    Timbres de collection de Falkland-Géorgie du Sud de 1985

    The stamps of the Falkland Islands and their dependencies include lots of thematic series, whether on the marine world or on the British crown.

    • the marine world                                                or on the British crown.

    Timbres de collection des Falkland de 1996 sur des poissons             Timbres de collection des îles Falkland de 1977 sur la reine d'Angleterre

    The first block-sheet in 1974 is about the centenary of the birth of Sir Winston Churchill.

  • Grenade

    Grenada stamps

    Grenada is a group of Caribbean islands, located northwest of Tobago and south of St. Vincent. Grenada includes the island of Grenada itself and part of the Grenadines.

    A former British colony, Granada has been an autonomous state since 1961.

    Since then, it has issued its own stamps. After independence in February 1974, Grenada is a Commonwealth parliamentary monarchy.

  • Grenadines
  • Guatemala

    Guatemala stamps

    Guatemala is a country in Central America, particularly in southern and southeastern Mexico and northwestern El Salvador. It is an independent republic since 1840. Since 1871, stamps are issued by this republic.

  • Britanique Guyana...

    Guyana stamps

    Guyana is a country in South America, bathed in the north by the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by Venezuela, Brazil and Surinam. This country is the former British Guiana which was independent in 1966.

    Since 1970, Guyana is a cooperative republic member of the Commonwealth. Before 1966, the stamps used were in the name of British Guiana.

  • Honduras
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Montserrat
  • United Nations (UN -...

    Stamps of United Nations (UN - New York) in complete sets

  • Nevis
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Caribbean Netherlands

    Since the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles in 2010, the Caribbean Netherlands has included the three islands of Bonaire, Statia and Statia (The other islands, Curaçao, Aruba and Saint-Martin specifically issue their stamps, see the corresponding names).

    • Bonaire

    Timbres des îles Bonaire de 2016

    • Saba

    Timbres des îles Saba de 2016

    • Statia

    Timbres de l'île Saint-Eustache de 2016

  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Saint-Christophe
  • Sint Maarten

    Saint-Martin is an island in the Caribbean, close to Antigua and Barbuda as well as the Virgin Islands. The southern part of the island belonged to the Netherlands Antilles whose entity was dissolved in 2010 (It should be noted that the northern part is French). Since then, Saint-Martin has issued its own stamps.

    1er timbre émis par Saint-Martin

    This country now issues many thematic series.

    Série de timbres de lîle de Saint-Martin sur le thème des costumes

  • Saint Vincent...
  • Saint Vincent
  • Salvador
  • Suriname
  • Turks and Caicos...

    Stamps of Turks and Caicos (Islands) in complete sets

  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela
  • Virgin (Islands)
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