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Cocos Island stamps

The Coco Islands are constituted by an archipelago of 27 islands of Indian Ocean situated on the West by Australia. This archipelago was got back first of all by Great Britain and administered by Singapore. 

In 1955, during the independence of Singapore, Australia negotiated the acquisition of this territory. Australian stamps were then used until 1963.

From this date, the Coco Islands emitted their own stamps (except during the period from 1966 till 1969 when the Australian stamps were again used).

The emissions of the Coco Islands were not systematic at the very beginning. So, you will find stamps in

  • 1963 (1 serie of 6 values) 
  • 1965 (1 serie of 2 values) 
  • 1969 (1 serie of 12 values on the world of animals)

From 1979, the Coco Islands emitted stamps every year. 

The first block-sheet (150th anniversary of the journey of Charles Darwin aboard the Beagle) dates 1981.

Timbre (Bloc-feuillet) des îles Cocos de 1981 - BF1