Oceania and Antarctica 


  • Aitutaki stamps

    Aitutaki is an island of Oceania located in the Harvey Cook Islands group, north of Rarotonga.

    This island was discovered in 1790, annexed by Great Britain then administered by New Zealand. The stamps issued during the New Zealand dependence, between 1902 and 1927, are mainly overprinted New Zealand stamps "Aitutaki".

    Timbre néozélandais surchargé "Aitutaki"

    Between 1932 and 1972, Aitutaki was attached to the Cook Islands and used his stamps.

    In 1972, she became a state associated with New Zealand and obtained her postal independence. She then issued her own stamps again.

    The first stamps in 1972 are Cook Islands stamps overprinted with silver "Aitutaki".

    Timbres d'Aitutaki sur Noël émis en 1972

    The first souvenir sheet, issued in 1973, is about the wedding of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips.

    Premier bloc-feuillet d'Aitutaki de 1973

  • Australia stamps
  • Australian Antarctic...
  • Christmas stamps

    Christmas Island is located in the Indian Ocean, to the northwest of Australia and to the east of the Cocos Islands.

    Before 1958, the stamps used in the island were generally those of the country of attachment: Settlements of the Straits before 1942, Japanese occupation from 1942 to 1945 then British military administration of Malaysia until 1948 and finally Singapore until 1958.

    Stamps Christmas 1979

    In 1958, Christmas Island became dependence of Australia and at the same time began its own issue of stamps. The first series used was the Australian stamps representing Elizabeth II with the "Christmas Island" surcharge.

    Subsequently, this country issued many thematic series on the marine world.

    Stamps Christmas

    Jennifer Toombes' drawings on Christmas were the theme of the first souvenir sheet in 1980.

  • Cocos Island stamps

    The Coco Islands are constituted by an archipelago of 27 islands of Indian Ocean situated on the West by Australia. This archipelago was got back first of all by Great Britain and administered by Singapore. 

    In 1955, during the independence of Singapore, Australia negotiated the acquisition of this territory. Australian stamps were then used until 1963.

    From this date, the Coco Islands emitted their own stamps (except during the period from 1966 till 1969 when the Australian stamps were again used).

    The emissions of the Coco Islands were not systematic at the very beginning. So, you will find stamps in

    • 1963 (1 serie of 6 values) 
    • 1965 (1 serie of 2 values) 
    • 1969 (1 serie of 12 values on the world of animals)

    From 1979, the Coco Islands emitted stamps every year. 

    The first block-sheet (150th anniversary of the journey of Charles Darwin aboard the Beagle) dates 1981.

    Timbre (Bloc-feuillet) des îles Cocos de 1981 - BF1

  • Cook Islands stamps
  • Fiji Islands stamps

    Fiji is constituted by a group of islands of Oceania, east of Vanuatu and in the North of New Zealand (Kadavu, Ono).
    This territory is a British ownership since 1774. The first stamps were emitted(uttered) in 1870 under British protectorate then from 1874 as British colony.
    The Fiji Islands became independent in 1970 and the Republic is proclaimed in 1987.

    In spite of the political evolutions, stamps always bore the name of "FIJI".

    Timbres des îles Fidji - 1905 - No 60

    Numerous thematic series are emitted regularly mainly: 

    • On the world of animals just like this series of stamps on diurnal birds of prey (Fiji - 2002 - Nb 969/972)

    Timbres des îles Fidji sur des rapaces diurnes - 2002 - No 969/972

    • On the nature: shells, mushrooms (Fiji - 1984 - Nb. 493/497)...

    Timbres, série thématique sur les champignons des îles FidjiFidji - 1984 - No 493/497

    • Or on the sport mainly the rugby as on this series of 1973 - Nb. 310/312

    The first block-sheet was emitted in 1975 with for theme the Festivities of joy (Christmas and New Year in particular).

  • British antarctic...

    The territory of the British Antarctic is a British colony formed since 1963 by 3 former dependencies of the Falkland Islands:

    • Graham Land
    • South Orkney
    • South Shetland.

    These islands had their own emissions between 1944 and 1962.

    Timbres Terre Graham Antarctique britannique           Timbre Antarctique britannique Orcades su Sud            Timbre Antarctique britannique Shetland du sud

    We have collected the corresponding stamps in this section.

    On the other hand, the Falkland Islands and their nearby dependencies (South Georgia and South Sandwich) are grouped under the category of South America.

    Prior to 1944, only the Falkland stamps were used.

    British Antarctica produces very beautiful series

    • on the polar theme (navigators, scientific expeditions, fossils ...)

    Timbre Antarctique britannique polaire expéditionTimbre antarctique britannique fossile polaire

    • and on the marine world (cetaceans, seals ...).

    Timbre territoire antarctique Cétacées

    The first block sheet of 1974 celebrates the centenary of the birth of Sir Winston Churchill.

  • Kiribati stamps
  • Marshall stamps

    Marshall is an archipelago of Oceania composed of many small islands and located east of the Carolinas and north of Kiribati.

    During the German colonial period, German stamps, overloaded or not, were used. Between 1900 and 1916, a series of the imperial yacht was issued.

    The first stamp of this series issued in 1900 (n ° 13) :

    Timbres des îles Marshall de 1900 - Série Yatch impérial

    After the English occupation of 1914 (issue of overprinted English stamps), the Marshall Islands used Japanese stamps until 1944 and American stamps until independence in 1984.

    From 1984, the Marshall Islands issued their own stamps.

    The first series issued in 1984 represents maps of the islands that make up the archipelago :

    Série de timbres des îles Marshall de 1984

    The first souvenir sheet was issued in 1984 at the Chicago Philatelic Exhibition.

  • Micronesia stamps

    Micronesia is a group of four island groups from Oceania, east of the Philippines and west of the Marshall Islands.

    These Federated States of Micronesia were called the Carolinas before 1980.


    Micronesia has had postal independence since 1984 and has since issued its own stamps to replace US stamps.

    The first series issued in 1984 is a series of famous people, landscapes and typical objects.

    Timbres de Micronésie de 1984 représentant des personnages célèbres, des paysages et des objets typiques. 

    The inauguration of the independent postal service in 1984 was the subject of a series of four stamps representing the four island groups of Micronesia.

    Série de 4 timbres de 1984 représentant les 4 groupes d’îles de la Micronésie 

    The first souvenir sheet was issued in 1986 on the occasion of the international philatelic exhibition in Chicago.

  • Nauru stamps
  • Niuafo'ou (Tonga) stamps
  • Niue stamps
  • Norfolk stamps
  • Netherlands New Guinea...
  • New Zealand stamps

    New Zealand is made up of two main islands, the North Island (with the capital Wellington) and the South Island.

    This country issued stamps from 1855 as a British colony and then from 1909 as a dominion.

    New Zealand gained independence in 1931. It is a member of the Commonwealth.

    New Zealand has various dependencies that issue their own stamps (including the Cook Islands, Aitutaki, Niue, Penrhyn, Tokelau and Rarotonga). You will find these stamps with corresponding names.

    In addition, Ross's land is a New Zealand possession at the South Pole. The stamps issued by this possession will be found in the name of Ross (land of).

  • New Hebrides stamps
  • Palau stamps
  • Papua New Guinea stamps

    Papua New Guinea is constituted by the eastern part of the island of New Guinea (the western part of which belongs to Indonesia). This island is the third largest in the world (after Australia and Greenland). It also includes important islands such as Bougainville and the Solomon Islands (see this name).


    Papua New Guinea was formed in 1952 by the union of two territories: Papua (formerly British New Guinea) and New Guinea (formerly New Guinea).

    The country was then under Australian administration until its independence in 1973.

    Independence came in 1975 and the country was then a Commonwealth member monarchy.

    Before 1952, the parties used either the New Guinea stamps or the Papua New Guinea stamps.

    The first stamp of Papua New Guinea issued in 1952 is part of a current series of 15 values: it represents the climbing kangaroo.

    Premier timbre de Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée de 1952

    The country subsequently produced numerous thematic series on the fauna or flora of the island

    Séries de timbres de Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée sur la thématique des fleurs

    or on local customs.

    Timbres de Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée sur les masques

    The first Block sheet of 1975 is devoted to the independence of the country.

  • Penrhyn stamps

    Penrhyn is an island in Oceania belonging to the Cook Archipelago, located north of the Harvey Group.

    Before 1902, Cook's stamps were used.

    From 1902 to 1929, specific stamps were issued as a New Zealand dependency. The first stamps are overprinted New Zealand stamps "Penrhyn Island".


    From 1932 to 1972, the Cook Islands Archipelago stamps were again used.

    From 1973, Penrhyn is again a New Zealand dependency and the stamps are titled "Penrhyn, Northern Cook Islands".

    Penrhyn issues many thematic series, including British royalty and local wildlife.

    • Stamp issued in 1990 to celebrate the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth.

    Timnre de Penrhyn sur la reine-mère Elizabeth d'Angleterre

    • Set of stamps issued in 1995 for the year of the sea turtle.

    Séries de timbres de Penrhyn sur les tortues de mer

    The first souvenir sheet was issued in 1976 for the 500th anniversary of Michelangelo's birth.

  • Pitcairn stamps
  • Ross Dependency stamps

    Ross Land is a portion of the Antarctic continent and a group of islands in the south of New Zealand. This New Zealand dependency has been issuing stamps since 1957. The first series was a New Zealand trans-Antarctic expedition.

    Timbres de la terre de Ross de 1957

    This possession obviously emits many series on the polar world (explorers, fauna ...).

    Timbres de la terre de Ross sur le monde polaire

    It should be noted that the last Scott base office was closed from 1987 to 1994 and that there were no broadcasts during that period, with the exception of a 1988 series put on sale in New Zealand Zealand.

    Timbres de la terre de Ross sur le monde marin

  • Samoa stamps

    Samoa (or Western Samoa) is a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean (mainly Savaü, Upolu, Manono and Apolina) located east of Wallis and Futuna and south of Tokelau.

    It should be noted that Eastern Samoa, made up of a few islands, is American and it is therefore the stamps of the United States that are used there.

    Samoa was a German colony from 1900 to 1916 and German "Samoa" stamps and special stamps (imperial yacht series) were issued.

    Timbres des îles Samoa de 1900 représentant les yachts impériaux

    In 1914, the British occupied the part colonized by the Germans and British occupation stamps were used (stamps "G.R.I." which were the initials of the King of England.

    In the same year, New Zealand obtained a League of Nations mandate and New Zealand administration stamps were used (stamps of New Zealand overloaded "Samoa").

    As of 1922, Samoa is still under New Zealand warrant and specific stamps appear (entitled "Western Samoa").

    Timbres des îles Samoa surchargés de 1946

    In 1962, Samoa became an independent Commonwealth kingdom.

    Samoa then issued their own stamps entitled "Samoa i Sisifo" (Western Samoa).

    Timbre de poste aérienne des îles Samoa (Samoa i sisifo) émis en 1965

    From 1982, the stamps are simply entitled "Samoa".

    Timbres de îles Samoa amis en 1996 numéros 848 à 851 (50ème anniversaire de l'Unicef)

  • Solomon Islands stamps
  • Tokelau stamps
  • Tonga stamps

    Tonga is a group of islands in Oceania, divided into three archipelagos located in eastern Fiji, south of Wallis and Futuna and southwest of Samoa.

    This territory became a British protectorate at the end of the XIXth century and the first stamps were used from 1886 with a series of King George I.


    The Tonga Islands have been independent since June 1970 but are still members of the Commonwealth.

    Stamp issues from Tonga have the distinction of being original or fanciful. Thus, for example, we can note in the 1970s, the emission of self-adhesive series with various forms :

    • Currencies (1967)

    Timbres des îles Tonga de 1967 en forme de monnaies

    • bananas (1969)

    Timbres des îles Tonga des banaes de 1969

    The first block-sheet was issued in 1981 on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Vava'u Island by Francisco Maurelle.

    The island of Niuafo'ou, located more than 500km from the main island of Tonga (Tongatapu), has had an independent postal administration since 1983 and has had its own stamp issues since that date.

  • Tuvalu stamps
  • Vanuatu stamps
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