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Fiji Islands stamps

Fiji is constituted by a group of islands of Oceania, east of Vanuatu and in the North of New Zealand (Kadavu, Ono).
This territory is a British ownership since 1774. The first stamps were emitted(uttered) in 1870 under British protectorate then from 1874 as British colony.
The Fiji Islands became independent in 1970 and the Republic is proclaimed in 1987.

In spite of the political evolutions, stamps always bore the name of "FIJI".

Timbres des îles Fidji - 1905 - No 60

Numerous thematic series are emitted regularly mainly: 

  • On the world of animals just like this series of stamps on diurnal birds of prey (Fiji - 2002 - Nb 969/972)

Timbres des îles Fidji sur des rapaces diurnes - 2002 - No 969/972

  • On the nature: shells, mushrooms (Fiji - 1984 - Nb. 493/497)...

Timbres, série thématique sur les champignons des îles FidjiFidji - 1984 - No 493/497

  • Or on the sport mainly the rugby as on this series of 1973 - Nb. 310/312

The first block-sheet was emitted in 1975 with for theme the Festivities of joy (Christmas and New Year in particular).