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Falkland Islands stamps

The Falkland Islands are a group of islands located to the east of the southern tip of Argentina. These British islands are claimed by Argentina (hence also the name Malvinas).

Among the nearby dependencies, the islands of South Georgia and South Sandwich, further east than the Falkland Islands, are included in this section.

On the other hand, the dependencies of the Antarctic zone, Southern Shetland, Orkney and Graham Land are gathered in the British Antarctic (see this name).

The islands were attached to the British crown as early as 1771. This British colony issued its first stamps in 1878. Until 1944, the same stamps were in use in all dependencies.

The various dependencies then had special stamps, either separately or partially grouped (British Antarctic since 1962).

The stamps of the dependencies are markedwith

  • « Falkland Islands Dependencies »

Timbres de collection de Falkland-Géorgie du Sud et Sandwich du Sud de 2008

  • or the name corresponding to the dependency or dependencies such as "South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands".

Timbres de collection de Falkland-Géorgie du Sud de 1985

The stamps of the Falkland Islands and their dependencies include lots of thematic series, whether on the marine world or on the British crown.

  • the marine world                                                or on the British crown.

Timbres de collection des Falkland de 1996 sur des poissons             Timbres de collection des îles Falkland de 1977 sur la reine d'Angleterre

The first block-sheet in 1974 is about the centenary of the birth of Sir Winston Churchill.