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Greenland is an immense island in northeastern Canada and northwestern Iceland.

This territory became a Danish colony in the 18th century and in 1953 became an integral part of Denmark. Since 1979, it is an autonomous territory of Denmark.

Before 1938, Danish stamps were used. From 1938, specific stamps were issued as a Danish colony until 1979.

The first set of 1938 stamps is about King Christian X of Denmark and the Polar Bear.

Timbres de collection du Groenland représentant le roi Christiaan XTimbre du Groenland de 1938 représentant un ours polaire

Since then, Greenland has issued numerous thematic series on the polar world (birds, marine mammals ...).

  • as, for example, this series on birds

Timbres de collection du Groenland de 1988 sur les oiseaux

  • or marine mammals

Timbre du Groenland de 1997 représentant un phoque

The first bloc-sheet was issued in 1987 at the World Philatelic Exhibition in Copenhagen ("Hafnia 87").

Premier bloc-feuillet émis par le Groenland en 1987