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Kosovo, an Albanian majority territory, was part of Yugoslavia. It is located in the Balkans in Southeastern Europe and mainly surrounded by Serbia to the northeast, Macedonia to the south and Albania to the east. Declared independent since 2008, the capital of Kosovo is Pristina.

Between 2000 and 2007, Kosovo is administered on an interim basis by the United Nations and stamps are issued during this period. These stamps, entitled "United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo", are represented in this section.

Timbre du Kosovo - Administration des Nations Unies - 2004 - No 27

As from 2008, the stamps are entitled "Republic of Kosovo".

Timbre du Kosovo - 2006 - No 22

The first block-sheet, in the interim period of Kosovo, was published in 2006 with the theme of Kosovo's fauna.

The first block-sheet of the independent republic was issued in 2008 on the Europa theme of the year (writing a letter).