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British antarctic territory stamps

The territory of the British Antarctic is a British colony formed since 1963 by 3 former dependencies of the Falkland Islands:

  • Graham Land
  • South Orkney
  • South Shetland.

These islands had their own emissions between 1944 and 1962.

Timbres Terre Graham Antarctique britannique           Timbre Antarctique britannique Orcades su Sud            Timbre Antarctique britannique Shetland du sud

We have collected the corresponding stamps in this section.

On the other hand, the Falkland Islands and their nearby dependencies (South Georgia and South Sandwich) are grouped under the category of South America.

Prior to 1944, only the Falkland stamps were used.

British Antarctica produces very beautiful series

  • on the polar theme (navigators, scientific expeditions, fossils ...)

Timbre Antarctique britannique polaire expéditionTimbre antarctique britannique fossile polaire

  • and on the marine world (cetaceans, seals ...).

Timbre territoire antarctique Cétacées

The first block sheet of 1974 celebrates the centenary of the birth of Sir Winston Churchill.